Regarding Domain Names

What is a Domain Name?
Domain Names are unique names given to identify computer server names such as web servers or email servers on the internet. Domain names make it easy for users on the internet to access the server and remember the server that is visited compared to having to recognize a row of numbers or known as IP.
What is Top Level Domain (TLD)?
Top Level Domain Name is a series of words behind domain names such as .com (dotcommercial), .net (dotnetwork), .org (dotorganization), etc. There are two types of Top Level Domains, namely Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLDs are as stated above and ccTLDs are TLDs intended for each country, such as Indonesia with ID codes (co.id, net.id, or.id) or Singapore with SG codes (com.sg, net.sg, etc.)
What domain names can your brand register ?

At this time, Merekmu can only register gTLDs and ccTLDs such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .tel, .mobi, .asia, .co.id, .web.id, .or. id, .sch.id, .ac.id, .my.id and .biz.id. But do not rule out the possibility in the future, Merekmu can register gTLDs and other ccTLDs.

What is WHOIS?
WHOIS is basically a contact list record that is related to the domain name. Usually it contains all the contact information with the individual, organization or company that registered the domain, the domain registration time has expired, and the domain registrar.

Domain Name Registration Process 

How do you register a domain name in your Merekmu ?
  1. Search for the domain name you want.
  2. If the domain name you are looking for can still be registered, then do the next step, namely confirmation that you will buy the domain name, and additional services that we offer.
  3. If you are not a member of your Merekmu , at a later stage, you are required to enter your details to be the owner of the domain name and create a membership of your Merekmu. Your details will become membership details.
  4. If you are already a member of Merekmu , then you do not have to enter details again, then you only need to provide your email address and password.
  5. Before you end the domain name registration process, you should check again the data that has been entered. We recommend this because domain names that have been registered cannot be deleted or canceled. If all the data and domain names that you want to register are correct and complete, you are welcome to end it and henceforth you will receive an email confirmation from Merekmu that the domain name you registered is being processed.
  6. If you register a domain name that ends with. ID, you must send the documentary noted below within 3 days.
No. Domain Name Document Requirements
Required Compulsory Complement / Support
Identity Legality
1 .id

KTP Republik Indonesia

SIUP / TDP / ACT / Permit (Only for Registrar of Business / Legal Entity)
2 .co.id SIUP / TDP / AKTA / NPWP – Agency / Equivalent Sertifikat Merek/Trademark/POA/Statement
3 .ac.id Ministry Standing Board from the Ministry / Board of Authorities in accordance with the Regulations. Certificate of Rector or Head of Institution.
4 .sch.id Decree on Establishment of Institution from the Ministry or related SKPD. Certificate of Principal or Head of Institution.
5 .or.id Notary / SK Act of the concerned organization
6 .web.id
7 .biz.id
8 .my.id
What are the requirements needed to become a member?
You can only register as our member through www.merekmu.co.id. The data we need is your personal or company data, address, email and password you want.
How long does the domain registration process take on Merekmu ?
The registration process for the gTLDs domain name through Merekmu only takes approximately 10-15 minutes. But for the domain name registration process, Merekmu takes approximately 72 hours.

If you register a domain name that ends with .ID, the registration process will take approximately 3 days to a week

Is it possible for someone else to register a domain name that I have registered?
If what is meant here is a domain name that has passed the process period, then this is not possible. Because domain names that have been registered cannot be re-registered by others. But if what is meant here is that the domain name is still in the process of registration, then it can happen. Because in this system, at the same time everyone can want the same domain name. But if you are the first person who wants the domain name, then the opportunity to have the same domain name is greater than the second person who also wants the domain name.
How do you pay at Merekmu ?
The method of payment in Merekmu is through bank transfer and via credit card.
What can I do with the domain name I registered?
The domain name that you have registered, you can use to get email facilities with your own domain name (eg pengurus@merekmu.co.id ), web hosting facilities ( www.merekmu.co.id ) and other facilities.
After the domain name is registered, who is the legal owner of the domain name?
All the time the domain is active, you are the legal owner of the domain name and the domain name you have registered cannot be re-registered by the other party. However, if the domain name expires, and you do not renew the domain name, then it is not likely that the domain name you have registered will be retrieved by someone else.
How long can a character be registered?
The character length of the domain name that can be registered is 63 characters long and with a minimum of 3 characters. It can start and end with a letter or number, but it cannot start with a dash (-). A dash (-) can only be used after the first letter and functions as a conjunction of words, and may not be placed in positions 3 and 4 at the same time.
What data do I need to enter to register a domain name?
  1. Data ownership of the domain name, such as individual and company names, full address along with telephone or fax numbers and email addresses.
  2. Payment-related party data, such as name, and full address
What if I registered a misspelled or typed domain name?
Domain names that you have registered, whether they are typos or misspellings, cannot be canceled or deleted. This is because the Merekmu has processed the domain name data that you registered to the domain name registration database. For that we recommend to you, before double-checking all the information that you have filled in or the domain name you registered. If all data or domain names are correct, then register.

Regarding the Domain Name Registration Period

Can I register a domain name for just one year?

Of course, I can. You can register a domain name with a period of 1 (one) year on Merekmu , even if you are a new member.

Can I renew the domain name registration for a different period?
You can extend the domain name registration period with different periods, i.e., starting from 1 year to 10 years. Before your domain expires, we will notify you to remind you that your domain has expired.
Will I be notified, when my domain is approaching the end of registration?

Yes. Before your domain expires, Merekmu will send you a good notification via email stating that it is time to extend the domain’s term. If within the specified time period you have not or cannot extend the domain period, then the possibility you will lose the domain name is very large.

Can I register a domain name above 10 years?

Cannot. Merekmu only gives you a maximum of 10 years domain ownership. You can extend your domain again after your domain expires.

Website (Site) and Web Hosting

What is a website or site?
Website or site is a location on the internet that has access to all internet users and can exchange documents by connecting to one another in a network that is connected to each other through a communication network.
What is web hosting?
Is a place where someone can store data or documents on a web server and this data or document is connected to the internet in the hope that it can be accessed by others.
Where can I get web hosting facilities?

You can get hosting facilities with your domain name directly by logging into Merekmu.

How do I convert an existing DNS server to the DNS server of the web hosting I specify?
If you have already registered a domain name and are ready to get web hosting services, then you are required to be able to choose the web hosting packages offered that are tailored to your needs. The ISP or web hosting company can provide:

  • The IP address number of the webserver that allows you to be able to connect and be accessed by others
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Services
  • Website Design Services

Each ISP or web hosting company will provide different prices and conditions, for that you should choose in advance and adapted to your needs.

After you find information on https://www.merekmu.co.id , you can change your domain’s DNS server in your client account. Make sure your domain name is still in validity and active status.

What is an IP Address?
IP Address is a numeric or numeric internet address, where this address can provide you convenience in accessing the internet. Every computer on the internet has a unique number that can be identified. If a computer does not have an IP address, then the computer cannot be accessed on the internet.
How do I change the IP to my domain name?
Merekmu members who have registered a domain name in Merekmu if you want to change the IP domain, please contact our customer service at support@merekmu.co.id. To speed up the process, include all information, such as domain names, sub-domains, IP addresses and others.


What is DNS?
Domain Name System is a computer that is connected and has the responsibility to provide zone information for your domain name, change the domain name to an IP address and also has responsibility for the distribution of e-mail on the mail server that concerns the domain name.
Which DNS is listed in the domain name information?

When you register a domain name, the DNS that appears in the domain name is the first and second DNS names that are owned by Merekmu . You can replace it at any time. If you cannot change the DNS, please contact the ISP or web hosting. But first you have to set the domain name by giving limited access to the person appointed to change your domain’s DNS name.

If I already have web hosting, should I change my existing DNS?

Web hosting companies really need DNS information for your domain name. This is because if the DNS domain name is not given, then your domain name cannot be accessed because the DNS listed is still DNS Merekmu .

How do you have or register a DNS?
To get DNS with your domain name, you are required to register with the registration center. Members who want to have their own DNS name, can contact our customer service at support@merekmu.co.id. But you can also ask your ISP or web hosting for help.

Regarding Setting a Domain Name

What does it mean to set your own domain name? And who has access to set the domain name?

Manage Domain itself is one of the facilities offered by Merekmu to its members to be able to manage their own domain names. What can be regulated here is the modification of domain name ownership, domain name administration, technical information from the domain name itself and even with this facility you can move the domain name that is registered to your own server or another ISP or web hosting company.

If you have registered a domain name through Merekmu, then only you yourself have access to make changes to the domain name. But if you make modifications to the domain name that there are some things that you do not know, then you can give limited access to other parties to help you make modifications. This grant of limited access can be changed through the “Client Area” in the section giving passwords to sub-users.

What can be arranged in this menu?
In the “Client Area” facility here, you can make changes as follows:

  1. You can arrange the granting of access to modification of domain names both whole and limited to other parties
  2. You can make modifications or changes to personal data or the company that owns the domain name.
  3. You can make changes to the administration data, i.e. the person who has the power to make fundamental changes in the transfer of domain names or other modifications related to your domain name
  4. You can make changes to the data of the technical part, that is, the person who has the power to make fundamental changes in the technical terms of your domain name.
  5. You can make changes to the payment section data, i.e. people who have power in matters relating to payment for your domain name.
  6. You can make changes to the Server Name or DNS domain name. Changes meant here are changes such as the transfer of domain names to other parties such as ISPs, web hosting or private servers.
How do you change the password for the domain name?
You can change the password if you have entered into the “Client Area> Change Password” facility. In this facility, you can change passwords and provide passwords with full or limited access to certain parties to make modifications to the domain name.
How do you change the username for the domain name?
You cannot change the username for the domain name. This is because changing the username is very sensitive. You can only make changes to the username if you transfer the domain name from another registrar to Merekmu.
What if I forget my username and password at once?
If you forget the username and password for the domain name you have, then you can enter the “Set Domain Name” facility, then press “Request password reset”. Then after you fill in the domain name, we will send the password reset instructions to the administrative email address of the domain name.
Is it possible for multiple domains to use the same username and password?
You can categorize all your domain names in the same account. All of these domain names will be taken care of with the same username and password.
Can I give my username and password to someone else to manage my domain name?
Could. You can just give your username and password to other parties to set your domain name. You can even choose to grant this access, which is full and limited access. This is to avoid bad intentions that can occur if you give access to others in full.

Payment Process

How to make payment?
Payment can be made via credit card, or bank transfer.

Payment can be made via credit card, or bank transfer :

  1. After you complete your order, you will be directed to the PayPal site via a pop up window, making sure your browser allows for pop-up windows.
  2. Login to your PayPal account for credit card payments.
  3. Do not close the window after the pop-up window appears
  4. After successful payment, please wait for the browser to redirect to the completed page to ensure that the transaction has been completed.

For payments via bank transfer :

  1. After you complete your order, our website will display the cost details
  2. Make the appropriate payment to our bank account.
  3. After completing payment, please send it through proof of payment, such as a bank ID slip or transaction to our office, together with your domain name and invoice number, either by email or fax.
How do payments work?
Credit card payments via Paypal or bank transfer.
Does the price include taxes?
No. Prices listed do not include tax. You must add an additional 10% VAT above from the price issued at the time of payment.

For payments via credit card, the system will automatically add 10% VAT at the time of payment.

Are there payment terms available?
No. Payment must be made within one (1) business day.
From the time of payment, is there a period of time before my order will be canceled if I don't make a payment?
If payment is not received after one (1) business day, your order will be canceled the following business day.

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?
Is a place where someone can store data or documents on a web server and this data or document is connected to the internet in the hope that it can be accessed by others.
What domain names will get free hosting facilities?
Free hosting facilities will be provided free of charge for every purchase of the domain name .co.id, .ac.id, .sch.id, .or.id, .w.id.id, .biz.id, .my.id (extension. Id).
How do you get a free hosting package?
  1. First of all, please register your domain name in Merekmu, see FAQ: How do you register a domain name in Merekmu?
  2. Then make payment and collect the required documents and confirm them by email to support@merekmu.co.id.
  3. Your cpanel hosting account information will be sent to your email registered in the client area.
Until when can I enjoy free hosting facilities?
Free hosting facilities provided are valid for the first year, for the following year please upgrade your hosting package or your cpanel account will be suspended.
How do I upload content to web hosting?
After you login to your cpanel hosting, please upload your content via the File Manager menu.
What if you want to upgrade your hosting package?
You can upgrade your hosting by choosing a package available on our website merkmu.co.id through the client login area first.
Can I have an email with my domain name using the free hosting facility?
Yes, you can have an email account with your own domain name, and this email account is given unlimited.
How do I create an email account using my own domain name?
How to create an email account on your hosting cpanel can be downloaded at https: // …. (we have the SOP to create an email account)
Can my domain be used to display blogs that I already have?
Yes, you can point your domain’s DNS (CNAME record) to Google servers through the DNS zone editor facility in cpanel.
Does the free hosting package provide database facilities?
The free hosting package provided by your brand has and features 2 MySql databases.
Does the free hosting package provide subdomain and domain addon facilities?
Free hosting packages provide unlimited subdomain facilities and the absence of a domain addon.
Can I just buy a domain without using free hosting facilities from your brand?
Yes, you can buy just the domain in merekmu without making a claim against free hosting provided by merekmu.
Can merekmu display the website that I made on wordpress?
Yes, our cpanel has a Fantastico De Luxe feature that allows you to install wordpress and you first export your wordpress website and import it to the wordpress that you have installed on cpanel.
DNS record management ?
You can configure the DNS and IP settings for your domain through the Simply DNS Zone Editor and Advanced DNS Zone Editor menus for further configuration. Please login to your cPanel account and select Simply DNS Zone Editor.


What is bandwidth
Bandwidth or traffic is the maximum limit of data units that can be sent and received by the hosting account. Examples of bandwidth limitations are for example on website access, upload / download via FTP or File Manager, Email send / receive, etc.
What is included in the hosting space?
  1. Website
  2. Database
  3. Email
  4. And files such as temporary and others
How do you create a subdomain?
  1. Login to cPanel (https://www.namadomain.com/cpanel)
  2. Select the “Domains” menu
  3. Click on “Subdomains”
  4. Enter the subdomain name you want, then the Document Root will be filled in automatically
  5. Click “Create”
Can I move my files from the previous hosting to merekmu’s hosting?

Yes, you can first backup the data on your previous hosting and move it to merekmu’s hosting. How to Backup Data in cpanel :


  1. Login to cPanel (https://www.namadomain.com/cpanel)
  2. Click the “Backups” Menu in the Files column
  3. Backups menu page

    • Click the Download or Generate a Full Website Backup button to backup the entire data including the database. However, this full backup file cannot be restored by you, ask the server administrator.
    • You can backup your Home Directory data to backup all your data in folders and subfolders.
    • To backup your database simply click on the database file in the Databases box.
    • And for setting email forwarders & email filters, if any, you can click directly to download the file.
  4. On the same page, on the right there is a menu to restore the data that you have backed up, please select the files that correspond to the restore menu, then click upload.
Can I use more than one domain in one hosting account?
Yes, depending on the hosting package that you registered. Starting from the hosting package Bisnis-1 (UKM) has provided an add on domain feature, which means that it can use more than one domain in one hosting account.
How do I set the default page for a cpnael hosting account?

Usually, a domain’s default page will point to the index file. * Either index.htm, index.html or index.php. Actually the default page can be set to other than index. * By using DirectoryIndex in the .htaccess file.

If you want to change your DirectoryIndex to a different file name, create the .htaccess file name in the directory that you want to apply. In the .htaccess file, place it in a line of DirectoryIndex followed by a list of file names that Apache wants to present or display when the directory is called, for example:\

DirectoryIndex index.phtml start.html

The instructions above must be in one line in the .htaccess file

How do I create an FTP account to manage my website content?
You can manage your website content easily and quickly using unlimited FTP account facilities on the cpanel hosting that you get.

How :

  1. Login to cPanel (https://www.namadomain.com/cpanel)
  2. Select menu “Files”
  3. Cilck “FTP Account”.
  4. Cilck “Add FTP Account”.
  5. “Login” put your user to login. Example: enter “admin” for login.
  6. Enter your Password.
  7. Directory is the directory that you want to access the FTP. Example: /home/website/public_html/
  8. Click “create” add user FTP.


Where Can I Get Additional Help? Can I get additional help on how to build a website with web tools?
Yes. For those who might need additional assistance or want to learn more about how to build a website, please contact our Call Center at support@merekmu.co.id or number 021-89452129 or contact the help desk available in our Merekmu outlet.