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Domain Indonesia Requirements

The following is a list of documents that need to be completed as a condition for registering Indonesian domain names :

Please remember that the document verification process can take up to 1-3 Working Days

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Domain Name Requirements – Domain_Name – Billing_Number​

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Domain ExtensionRequirements
.idThere are no requirements for the .ID domain, but a minimum of 5 characters is required.
.ac.di-Decree of Establishment of institution from Ministries or Institution authorized according to the Laws & Regulations
-Certificate of Rector or head of Institution
-KTP or Passport Person in Charge
.sch.idFor Official School:
- Certificate from Principle or head of institution
- KTP/Passport Person in Charge

For Non Formal Education recognized by SKPD:
- Decree of Establishment of institution from Ministry or related SKPD
- KTP/Pasport Person in Charge
.co.id- SIUP/TDP/AKTA/NPWP, or equivalent Permit(one of these document)
- KTP/Pasport Person in Charge
- Brand Ownership Certificate (if any)
.web.id- KTP/Passport Person in Charge
.or.id- Notarial Deed or Certificate from the organization concerned
- KTP/Passport Person in Charge
.my.idThere are no requirements for the MY.ID domain
.biz.idThere are no requirements for the MY.ID domain